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McCain / McKane / O'Kane DNA Testing Project

The McCain / McKane / O’Kane DNA project is testing male McCain / McKane and O’Kanes, by whatever spelling, to locate family groups in Ireland, the Isle of Man, and Scotland and to assist with their individual family history. 

McCain / McKane / O’Kane name variations are many and include: McCahan, McCain, McKane, McKain, McKean, McKeane, McKeen, Cain, Kane, Kean, Keane, Keen, O’Kane, O’Kain, O’Keane, O’Cain, etc. All Kane sounding surnames of Gaelic origin, both those with or without an O or Mc prefix are urged to participate in the project. 

The testing can lead to very dramatic breakthroughs in family history pedigrees. The results may allow one to go around a hiatus in a family’s pedigree to find one’s core group. For those testing in the Diaspora (in the Americas or Australia, New Zealand, etc.), the tests can lead to your finding your cousins in Ireland or the UK. 

DNA testing is unlike conventional paper research which must stop when the written records of one’s ancestor ends.  As more men participate in the project, the genealogical research continues, connections are made and proven, and conversely certain lines of descent are also disproved.  DNA testing is an heirloom to leave your future generations. 

The testing is for the Male Y-chromosome that is passed only from father to son. Therefore, the testing requires a male with the surname of McCain /McKane / O'Kane. If your name is not McCain / McKane / O'Kane or if you are a female researcher, the participant can be your closest McCain / McKane / O'Kane male relative. 

We have chosen Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX as our testing company. They are leaders in the field and are associated with Dr. Michael Hammer, Ph.D., Geneticist, Associate Research Scientist in the Division of Biotechnology at the University of Arizona. 

The Project began in September 2003 and has already been extremely successful. The Project has a very high number of matches being made and includes matches with families native to Ireland and the UK. 

For those interested in Gaelic clan history this project is also placing participating families in their Gaelic clan group when possible. The DNA test provides one an opportunity to see if his family is related to any known Gaelic clan group. To learn more about the interpretation of the results for each group just click on Meaning of Test Results.  

Click here to proceed directly to FamilyTreeDNA.com. Joining this project will help answer many questions about your ancestry. 

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